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These lessons will change your life!


This is not just another "clichè" of "this will change your life" B.S online!

The Depth of Wisdom an African Mother possesses are Immeasurable. 

Are All of them wise?

I can't say for suree. But if there is any Woman whose dose of Wisdom I can vouch for, my Mom would be number one.Before you  call me a mommy's boy, check out these four lessons she taught me and see for yourself whether they're valuable or not.

They changed my life and I'm hoping they will change yours too...

Here we go...


I'm not sorry if this hurt your feelings. At best, every human being wants something...

So is it wrong if a woman wants to dig some gold?

I don't think so... It's easy to blame the women or accuse them of only coming for the dough. But what's not easy is being comfortable with the truth that, they have every right to.

So women are gold diggers!

Some Women are good at digging with shovels. Others want to dig now and run away. Only a few Will wait for the gold to compound and dig right when it is ready. Even at the very best, every woman is a gold digger. Make sure you fill your pocket with some gold.

Don't be deceived! Nobody marries for love alone.Your heartthrob today can become the cause of your heart attack tomorrow. 

We act like marrying for love is the ultimate natural goal, but isn’t marrying for love a relatively new concept? If two people want to date and get married for superficial reasons, who cares? As long as people are honest about what they want, I don’t see the problem with it.

The big question you should ask yourself is "Do I have what this person wants?"

Since relationship is all about sharing, you must be ready for what's coming...

Yeap! Some gold digging!

And as I said earlier, fill your pockets with some gold!



For every opportunity you fail to take, you miss out on the chance of winning. Trust me, you are going to fail. In fact, I wish you failure. Because when you have not failed, you don't appreciate success. So fail. Fail often. Fail frequently. It is in failure that success emerges. 

 "I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." ― Michael Jordan

Forget the hypocrisy on the internet...

Hardly do you find people with an indelible mark of greatness in different areas of life, without an unexplainable amount of failure. J.K Rowling the Author of Harry Potter had a failed Marriage, was a single mom, and had had her book, rejectedd by major publishing firms for many years. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. Bill Gates's first company was a disaster, what the heck is Traf - 0 - data?


Even me too...

I've had my fair share of failure

I've failed at many things!

First I tried to sell suits, I failed at it. One of the person that bought a suit from me, is still owing after almost 10 years since he bought the suit!

I failed in my first company. I grew it to over N100 million in a year (about $200k). Later on, I lost 98% of my teammates (about 88 staff)

Because I couldn't transition from a digital agency to a tech company.

The first version of our product Kitcart failed after spending more than 9 months and over $100k on it!

And many more...

More failures that I can't count

But today, I'm a globally recognized Author, Speaker, and Content creator.

Kitcart has empowered more than 4000 businesses and has a hosting platform for their business websites on the internet.

I don't want to bore you with my success story. Greatness is born out of multiple failures and trials.

Don't let the fear of failing stop you from reaching your dreams!




 Your destiny is in your hands. Your hard work will reward you. It is either you take responsibility for your future, or you blame everyone in your city. Whether you think you can succeed or you think you cannot, it is up to you.

As human beings, it is natural to look for external factors to blame when things go wrong.

"My father wasn't rich..."

"My Mother didn't take care of me..."

"Nigeria is corrupt...!"



 It is easier to point fingers at others or circumstances than to take a hard look at ourselves. But the reality is we are responsible for the outcome of our life!

No one can make your life better than you ...!

There is no valid excuse for failure. If you don't take responsibility that bad situation won't change!





Anytime my mother made a new friend, she will warn me not to tell her any of our secrets. And anytime I ask why, she will say "Time is the ultimate test". It is in time that we will know who is for us and who is against us. So don't draw so easily. Give it time. So don't give up too early. Give it Time. 

You may not look like it today, give yourself time!

It is in time that champions are made. 



Final Thoughts!


Success is a lifelong journey.

And every day is an opportunity to learn. The beauty of Wisdom is that it is transferable. But life lessons are applicable and only work for those who learn from them! There are so many secrets to share from so many lessons learned over the years!

It is up to you to do with them what you will!

If you want to be one of the champions, click the link in my bio to join the Telegram community. And if you love content like this, follow me for more.

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