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In our journey of personal growth, our habits define our direction. It's either propelling us toward success or holding us back. Among the many hurdles we experience, often overlooked, is our internal battle against destructive habits such as Comparison, Comfort, Quitting, and Procrastination. These habits not only hinder personal progress but also find their way into our professional and business lives. 



The recognition of the destructive potentials of these negative habits comes in handy as our only hope of evading the destructive they produce. But beyond recognition, we must search into the depths of our daily routines and where found, must be willing to confront these very habits that hinder our salient journey. We must be courageous to confront these demons that hide in the shadows causing subtle destruction to our success. To reiterated, this pursuit isn't merely about acknowledging the presence of these destructive habits; it's about gathering the strength to unearth them from their concealed corners and dismantle their power over us.



The journey of growth is multifaceted, encompassing not only the acknowledgement of these habits but also an active pursuit of strategies to transcend their limitations. It's a journey that requires us to unearth the subtle nuances of Comparison, challenge the seductive pull of Comfort, fortify our resolve against the allure of Quitting, and conquer the inertia of Procrastination. This requires the recognition of recognize two realities, one a bad news, the other good news. The bad news is that each habit is a formidable standalone force with the potential to cast a long shadow over our aspirations, thwarting our progress at every turn. The good news however is that within us lies the power to overcome them; but most importantly, to rise above the limitations they set for us. 


Let’s dig deep into what these habits are, how dangerous they can be and how we can overcome them.



1. Comparison

“Comparison is not just the thief of joy, it is the thief of life,” Elon Jobs. When we constantly measure ourselves against others, we set ourselves up for feelings of inadequacy, envy, and self-doubt. The rise of social media has amplified this habit, as we're bombarded with carefully curated versions of others' lives. Infact, even the bible will say that; only fools compare themselves with themselves. 


However, there is a healthy kind of comparison, which is, that you should compare yourself with who you were yesterday, and not to who someone else is today. The danger lies in not recognizing that everyone's journey is unique, and comparing ourselves to others diminishes our own achievements.


You need to understand that your 500 followers will grow if you work hard at it. Your business will get new customers if you don’t stop pushing. Comparing yourself with those with 1 million followers and a hundred million dollar revenue will only lead to your depression, and will not do you any good. Next;



2. Comfort

Comfort is a double-edged sword. If you continue to do everything that is comfortable, you will not get to anywhere that is profitable. Comfort is a greater threat to progress than hardship. While seeking comfort is natural, staying within our comfort zones stifles growth and limits our potential. Comfort can breed complacency and hinder us from embracing change. So, stop looking for comfort; the obstacle is the way. As Jobs always says, “When the journey gets tough, the tough get going.” Don’t wish for an easy life, work hard to beat the odds. The pursuit of an easy life, bereft of challenges, is counterproductive. Rather, it is through overcoming obstacles that we uncover our latent strengths, transcend the ordinary and emerge as the chief architects of extraordinary lives. Only then are we worthy of been called “masters” of our destiny? 




3. Quitting

Elon Jobs' resolute statement, "Quitting is for losers, you are allowed to pivot but never quit," strikes at the heart of one of the most insidious destructive habits—” In essence, quitting is an act of surrendering our dreams, reneging on our commitments, and betraying our potential; hence, only reserved for those who relinquish their dreams and destinies, and in doing so, erode their self-confidence. 


You can’t quit on your dreams. Betray your destiny and see how long it will take you to drawn in the storm. 


Again, quitting extracts a heavy toll—it robs us of the opportunity to achieve success, undermines our self-belief, and can have far-reaching consequences for our future endeavors. To conquer this habit, cultivating resilience becomes paramount. Resilience empowers us to weather the storms, pivot when necessary, and continue pursuing our goals with unrelenting determination.




4. Procrastination

Procrastination is the silent killer of productivity and progress. Quit living on tomorrow’s island. There is no tomorrow, only today. If you want to become your best self, you need to be action-biased. We must cultivate an action-oriented mindset—one that embraces the present moment and refuses to succumb to the allure of delay.


Procrastination not only hampers productivity but also chips away at our self-esteem. The act of delaying important tasks creates a cycle of anxiety and missed opportunities. Overcoming this habit requires a conscious effort to adopt the "do it now" mantra—a commitment to seizing opportunities and embracing the power of timely action. So, take action now, not later.  


What Next?

Remember this; Becoming your best self requires a conscious effort to conquer destructive habits that hinder your growth, and your ability to develop mastery depends on the habits you pick, or negative habits you drop. This journey is not linear; it's a continuous cycle of growth, learning, and evolution. It requires courage—the courage to confront our weaknesses, challenge our beliefs, and rewrite our narratives. It's a journey that propels us forward, leading us to a more authentic, empowered, and accomplished version of ourselves. I have done the hard work for you by providing you with my top list of bad addictions to break. I hope you make a commitment to break out of them.

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