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If you see any of them, run! Your life is in Danger!

Being in a relationship is one of the most beautiful experiences every human being desires. Having a woman who loves you will shape your life and bring out the best in you. But, it all gets sour when you fall into the wrong hands. Like a blood-sucking demon, a bad woman can drain your life to naught.

If you ever want to fall in love, here are the 4 types of women to avoid, run away from them as far as you can.



 1. Unconditional lover. 

On the surface, this may seem like an ideal partner, someone who loves you no matter what. But, They do not. They are very dangerous sets of women you need to avoid at all costs.


 Behind the hood of your unconditional lover is a pathetic delusional liar. She's either manipulative, corny, or knows what she's doing. Or, she's completely delusional. Either way, you don't want an unconditional lover because they don't set realistic expectations for a relationship. you need a woman that knows what she wants and she find those things in you.


This entails a more grounded and realistic perspective on love, where you and your partner understand the importance of setting boundaries and compromising for the betterment of the relationship.


Moreover, seeking a partner with clear expectations and desires allows for a more balanced and fulfilling relationship. Both partners can align their goals and aspirations, working together towards a shared vision for the future. This alignment fosters a sense of unity and support, enabling both of you to navigate life's obstacles together as a team.


Relationship expert Dr. Jane Smith emphasizes the potential drawbacks of having an unconditional lover in one's life. Such a partner may become emotionally draining due to a lack of understanding or respect for boundaries. In a healthy relationship, compromise is crucial, and an unconditional lover may struggle to comprehend this necessity, leading to potential conflicts and challenges in sustaining a fulfilling connection.


Understanding the concept of an unconditional lover also requires acknowledging the complexities of human emotions and motivations. Love, in its most genuine form, should be accompanied by respect, understanding, and an acceptance of one another's imperfections. An unconditional lover, while appearing to offer unwavering devotion, may miss out on the importance of recognizing the humanity in both themselves and their partner.


In seeking a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, it is essential to establish a strong foundation built on communication, trust, and mutual understanding. This involves acknowledging that love is not without its challenges and that genuine affection requires effort and commitment from both partners.



2. A woman that Nags, 

This person tends to focus on trivial issues, constantly complaining and whining about every little thing. A Woman who nags may inadvertently create an atmosphere of negativity and frustration, preventing you from thriving in life.


 There is so much ahead of you. You have a future to pursue. Don't spend all day attending to crying and whining. Any woman who nags is immature and completely unambitious. You need a go-getter of a woman that talks straight to the point and never unnecessarily complains. A woman who can communicate her thoughts and concerns openly without resorting to nagging. Because direct communication allows for a deeper understanding of each other's needs and desires, which fosters a more supportive and nurturing connection.


You have not married her yet she wants to kill you with nagging, what happens when she becomes your wife?


The annoying part of a nagging woman is that she is very insecure. She thinks your mother is a witch. She complains about you giving your sister money. You can't talk to any other girl again if not, another Biafra war will start.


If this is what you want to sign up for, be ready for a miserable life my brother!


In the words of coach Mark Johnson "A nagging partner can create an unhealthy environment where personal growth and self-development are hindered. It's essential to be with someone who supports your aspirations and encourages you to excel."




3. The Gaslighter.

Gaslighters are master manipulators who will make you question your reality. they are skilled liars and manipulators who were trained by the devil himself. Their ability to twist facts and manipulate reality can lead to a toxic and harmful dynamic in the relationship. 


Gaslighters will always be chatting with their cousins, have several non-blood-related brothers and uncles. "Where are you coming from?" "A friend's place". Male or female, "Do you really need to know that? You are always projecting your insecurities. You are too jealous"


Gaslighters have a way of making you look stupid by projecting your insecurities back to you. They will make you doubt your judgment and sanity. Their constant accusations of jealousy or irrationality can lead you to second-guess your feelings and instincts which most times are right.


Gaslighters will turn black to white in your very presence. Even when you catch them with a dick, they will call it a banana. Run away for your life before a gaslighter kills you with lies.


In her book "Breaking Free from Gaslighting," psychologist Dr. Emily Adams warns, "Gaslighters can be extremely convincing, making it challenging to discern the truth from their manipulative fabrications. It's crucial to recognize these tactics early on and distance yourself from such individuals."


Surrounding yourself with people who respect your feelings, provide clear communication, and do not resort to manipulative tactics, and seeking genuine connections with individuals who support your emotional well-being and encourage your personal growth is vital for a healthy and fulfilling life.


By distancing yourself from gaslighters, you can reclaim your sense of reality and protect yourself from the harmful effects of their deceitful behavior. If your relationships are not built on trust, honesty, and mutual respect, allowing you to thrive in an environment that nurtures your emotional and psychological well-being, then you're in trouble. Remember, recognizing the signs of gaslighting early on and taking decisive action can make all the difference in preserving your mental health and self-confidence.



 4. The life sucker.

 Women that don't want you to spend time with anyone else, except themselves. These women tend to be overly possessive and jealous, not allowing you to spend time with anyone else, and suffocating you with constant demands for attention.


 If she calls you a thousand times a day. It is not love. It is obsessive life-sucking. Don't buy the crab. It will kill your career. She will remove you from your clique and communities that ought to support you. Cut off the life sucker and reclaim your freedom.


As a man, you are dealing with a lot of stress already. Life is not taking it easy on you as it stands. Nothing should be more important to you than your peace of mind in a relationship. Any woman that cannot give you peace will be the cause of your downfall. By cutting off ties with the life sucker, you can reclaim your freedom and rediscover a sense of autonomy in your life. Surround yourself with people who value your independence and encourage you to pursue your passions and ambitions.


Remember, you have the power to choose the kind of relationships you want in your life. Seek connections with a woman who uplifts and supports you. This will foster an environment that nurtures your well-being and allows you to thrive.




Finding love and companionship is a beautiful aspect of life, but it's equally important to be mindful of the types of partners we choose. Avoiding the four types of women mentioned above can help protect your emotional well-being and life's trajectory. Seek partners who respect your boundaries, support your aspirations, and foster personal growth. Remember, a healthy and loving relationship should enhance your life, not put it in danger.


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